static_gettext: Localization for Static Documents

static_gettext is an internationalization framework for static, plaintext documents and templates. It’s geared towards straightforward translation of static websites, but can be easily used for any set of files you’d like to translate as a group.

static_gettext in a nutshell

Implemented as a thin wrapper around the GNU gettext project, static_gettext produces standard message files that any translator can easily work with. After translation, these can be used to generate localizations for your world-wide audience.


The example project you’ll find in the GitHub repository shows the recommend project layout: everything in a single tree, with source files under ./src, message files under ./locale, and built localizations under ./build. Those serve as the defaults for the --input, --output, and --locale arguments.


Questions? Bugs?

If anything's unclear, file a bug via GitHub, or drop me an email

©2010 Mike West: Project source is BSD licensed, and available on GitHub